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Has your feline companion’s constant itching and scratching started affecting

May 14 2014, 13:10pm

Posted by Paul Ryan

Has your feline companion’s constant itching and scratching started affecting your life? Do you wake up at odd hours at night due to the constant sound of itching, licking and scratching?

For some feline and canine lovers, their pet’s scratch and scratch early in the morning acts as their alarm clock. Before embarking on the path for treating the pets to relieve them from the constant itch and scratch, it essential to understand the causes.

Diagnosing the cause for itching solves half the problem. It need not always be allergies caused due to fleas and tick bites. The underlying cause could be even diseases.

Your vet may put forth the following questions to diagnose the exact cause:

As a pet owner you need to keep a close watch on your pet to know the areas where the pet keeps scratching. Flea allergies cause itching in certain typical areas such as

Feline Cats generally experience itching around the neck when faced with flea allergies.

Pets experiencing airborne and food allergies tend to itch more in the following areas:

Demodectic Mange generally seen in young dogs initially appears on the face or forelegs. Cheyletiella (mites) characteristically occurs on the back side.

Age of the animal : • Your vet would enquire about the time when your pet actually started itching the first time. • This is due to the fact that certain flea allergies such as Mange are seen in puppies and kittens mainly due to their underdeveloped immune system. • Even older animals having low immunity are prone to develop allergies. Constant or seasonal itching : • Knowledge about constant or seasonal itching helps a vet to determine whether the itching in pets is seasonal or year long. • Seasonal itching is a sign of flea allergy or allergies due to a bite of insect. If ignored, sometimes seasonal allergies have the chances of developing into year round problems. Order of occurrence: • Keeping a tab on the order of occurrence of the lesions or itching helps a vet to determine the mode of treatment. • In case of allergies and scabies, itchiness appears before lesions. • While in certain cases of bacterial infection, ringworms or demodectic mange caused due to hormonal changes, the skin lesions tend to occur before the itchiness.

Being vigil and sensitive to the pet’s itching issue is the only ways by which a pet owner can help his pet conquer the allergy of itching and scratching.

A “Stitch in time saves nine” is an old saying which aptly applies here. The entire physical and psychological trauma occurring due to neglect can be easily overcome by being an aware pet lover and caring towards the pet. If not already done, make it a point to do from today.

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