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Essential oils for repelling fleas and ticks

July 24 2013, 08:33am

Posted by Paul Ryan

Essential oils are a very good way to repel fleas and ticks and since fleas carry dangerous bacteria, repelling them should be a priority. One of the most efficient and natural repellants in terms of essential oils are is rose geranium oil that can be applied to your dog’s collar . However, avoid using this oil on your cat though since they have a very bad reaction to essential oils. Some other oils that might be of help to you are given below.

  1. Castor oils – Veterinarians for years has been using castor oils. When combined with other oils help in repelling a variety of pests.

  1. Cinnamon Oil – Cinnamon oil is one of the most versatile soils that are widely used in the entire household. It is known to be an effective environmentally-friendly ingredient that can help you to deter mosquitoes, fleas and ticks as well as other pests. At the same time it promotes the health of your pet’s skin and coat.

  1. Lemongrass Oil – Lemongrass oil when formulated into a spray as a flea and tick control remedy helps in promoting a healthy and shiny coat. It also repels mosquitoes, fleas and tick.

These essential oils can also be mixed with spring water or witch hazel and can be spray or misted on your pet. When added to shampoos, it will not only repel fleas and ticks but at the same time can also help soothe and heal irritated skin while boosting the immune system.

Another option for repelling fleas and ticks is to turn these oils into collar by applying it around your pet’s neck. This can turn out to be a revolutionary approach to repelling these pests using bio-energetic field in and around your pet. Essential oils can turn out be the most natural way in treating your pet of fleas and ticks. Attack them full on.

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