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Get rid of fleas right now from your furry baby

July 5 2013, 08:13am

Posted by Paul Ryan

Dog and dog fleas both of these go hand in hand and thus it is essential to take preventive measures always to ensure that a flea attack is controlled at the right time. Fleas can be cured and controlled by using various medications but it is always better to use a natural way to deal with this pest issue rather than getting dependent on chemicals.


Preventing dog fleas is easy and convenient


Bathing the pooch

The first step to make the pooch flea free is to give it a proper bath with any good shampoo. It is not necessary that the shampoo has to be medicated. Always start first by drenching the pooch’s head and then gradually move towards rest of the body. After drenching, next step is to shampoo it properly.


If ordinary shampoo does not work out then you need to use a flea control shampoo. After shampooing wash the pet properly.


The right flea comb

Another effort in keeping dog fleas away from your pooch is to buy the right flea comb and daily brush the dog with it. You need to divide the dog’s fur into sections and then comb it properly. In between combing, it is better to dip the comb into a glass of alcohol. This will kill any trapped flea or tick in the comb.


The right flea collar

Making the pet wear a flea collar is the best way to keep it always protected from fleas as well as ticks. There are various flea collars available but it is better to use a collar which is made of natural ingredients like essential oils and other herbs which controls fleas properly and that too without any side effects.


You need to remember that flea collar for dog will always be different from flea collar for cats.


Flea powder

Flea powder is another good option to remove fleas but they are not as effective as frontline flea spray. Flea powder can be sprinkled all over the pet, carpet and even on all corners of the room.


Keep kids and puppies away from such sites.


Vacuuming the house

This is the last but not the least way of taking the right preventive measure of keeping fleas away. It has been observed that vacuuming the house sucks up fleas, larvae and eggs from all corners of the house and thus keeps the house clean.


Use salt water

Dap a cloth in salt water and then squeeze it properly although keeping it wet to some extent. Rub your pet with this cloth and this will ensure that the entire flea kingdom is killed.


These are few but effective preventive measures that will kill all present fleas and even ticks from all over the pet’s body.

Get rid of fleas right now from your furry baby

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