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Home Remedies For Fleas and Ticks On Dogs

July 12 2013, 08:44am

Posted by Paul Ryan

Fleas and ticks are the worst enemies of your dogs and cats. Getting rid of these enemies is important because they harm you and your pets acutely and sometimes severely. There are several medications available for the flea control such as Frontline plus, Frontline Spray,  and more.

These are effective treatments for fleas and ticks, but there will be hardly few without side-effects. Home remedies can be another option to prevent fleas.

  • Vacuuming your home helps control and eradicates fleas significantly. You should try to vacuum floors, carpets, and areas where your pet sleeps such as sofas, beds, and blankets regularly. You can try different sprays for vacuuming.
  • Using bath oils such as Avon’s original bath oil is a great home remedy to prevent fleas and ticks. It can be used with or without dilution. It is an easy and cheap way of preventing fleas. You can also try using dish detergents once in a week to bathe your dogs and cats. This could be cheaper than bath oils. Fleas on contact can be killed in this way.
  • Use apple cider vinegar. You can add it in your dog’s drinking water and they will be less prone to fleas.
  • Flea combs. It may not be a good choice for many  but if you really love your puppies and doggies, you shouldn’t hesitate doing the same. After you swipe, discard fleas in a proper way such as running your carpet sweeper, dropping them in a bowl of water or dish soap. It takes less than 15 minutes.
  • Use Salt. This again may be an unlikely option for some but try to spread lots of salt on your carpet and after 24 hours, do the vacuuming in the room. When you will do it on every alternate day consistently, you will completely get rid of fleas.  

These are just a few suggestions for preventing fleas using home remedies. You shouldn’t completely rely on these remedies to get rid of fleas. Call your vet doctor if fleas can’t be controlled using above remedies. Your vet will suggest the most suitable medication such as Frontline depending on the requirements. You can online buy Frontline for your dog at various online stores. .


Please share if you have tried any home remedies which really work best for the fleas.

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There are almost 15 species of fleas which can infest our pets and can cause illness. The major sources of transmission of such parasites are the other wild animals living in the surrounding of our homes. Once our pets get in the trap of such parasite it becomes difficult to remove them as they multiply at a very rapid speed. In such situation the best option is to provide some medication such as Frontline Plus to control its reproduction.

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